who are we?

Triveritas was established in the UK in the year 2000.  The directors identified an increasing need for independent external consultancy support.  Between them they had worked in R & D, regulatory affairs and QA divisions of the Animal Health industry for many years.  The experience gained in dealing with product development and the associated issues is a major strength within Triveritas.

Today Triveritas continues to employ experts to support the growing needs of the industry.

We have over 40 staff worldwide, all graduates, including veterinarians and scientists.  Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience allows us to offer an expert service across all disciplines.

 our successes include:

  • over 1,000 projects undertaken within the UK, EU, USA and globally
  • strong relationship with international regulatory agencies
  • experience in all domestic species (livestock and companion animals)
  • extended range of services commissioned by global clients, including the top 10 EU Animal Health companies

Our experience covers a diverse range of therapeutic products such as:

  • anaesthetics
  • analgesics and NSAIDs
  • antibacterials
  • anti-infectives
  • biologicals and vaccines

…and includes the major organs and systems:

  • cardiovascular and respiratory
  • dermal and sensory system
  • gastrointestinal and hepatic
  • genitourinary and neuromuscular system

as well as lifestyle and nutritional products.